VOIP voice prompts

You have that spanking new PBX, Asterisk based for our environment, and you’ve discovered Voice Mail.

There’s still a little manual work with setting up each voicemail box, and configuring voice mail to email.

The beauty of one neat feature is that it leads to asking where/why that feature can’t be passed along to something else?

We’ve set up Automated Call Distribution (aka Call Queues) and I wasn’t bothered to manage the voice recording, prompts etc. Unfortunately, the company also didn’t want to spend money to get the recordings done.

Pull out your Open Source toolkit and follow me to do our own voice prompts.

Recording Voice Prompts with Audicity and SOX

I followed Benoit Frigon's post and got wonderful results. Requirements:
  • voice prompt recording
  • audacity
  • 'sox'
The first read-through and copy/paste worked with poor results, so we go through again and come up with much better results/work-flow as well as minor adjustments because of our 'context.''