Call Parking

[Ref: Call Parking ]

Table of Contents
  1. Configuration
  2. Sound Files


File extract features.conf

[general] parkext => 700 parkpos => 701-720 context => parkedcalls pickupexten => *8

File extract extensions.conf

[incoming] include => parkedcalls

Parked Calls

When a call is parked, Asterisk will play back the ${parkpos} where the call is ‘parked’. For example, the first ‘parked’ call will generally have Asterisk play back ‘701’

Sound Files

The default file directory for sounds is determined in the binary build and configurable in /etc/asterisk/asterisk.conf.

astdatadir => /usr/local/share/asterisk

The default sounds are generally processed at ${astdatadir}/sounds

On one system,

The parkedcalls facility plays back the numerals from ${astdatadir}/ (note without the /sounds folder). To get audio playback to work correctly, we needed to copy the files from ${astdatadir}/sounds/digits to ${astdatadir}/digits