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The following pages are part of efforts to write curriculum material for beginning computer studies students in Secondary schools within Tonga. Many of the materials are indebted to materials published freely on the internet by authors in various countries. To support this spirit of co-operation we will vet and publish materials here where possible..

How we use these materials?

These materials are used internally as reference material for staff course notes and for student reference. The materials are available on our school Intranet, allowing us to readily correct errors and allowing students access to course materials which the school cannot afford to purchase nor print for each student.

In practise, no teacher is allowed to reproduce the notes verbatim, but uses these notes as a stepping stone for personal understanding before their own rewrites, interpretations for students.

In practise, students are initially hesitant to print out the notes, fearing some form of retribution, and when they are shown that it is acceptable and encouraged, students gladly print notes from which assignments are set. For our purposes this also provides practise for students in navigating computer environments (the browser) and configuring as well as printing documents.

How can you use these materials?

We would be honoured if you should choose to use these materials in your studies. Our request is for some minor recognition of our efforts and especial assistance in determining the accuracy, efficacy of the materials.

You are hereby granted a licence to distribute this website and documentation (Computer Studies Courseware), subject to the following conditions:

  1. The Computer Studies Courseware may be distributed freely without charge.
  2. The Computer Studies Courseware may not be sold or licensed. Neither may a fee be charged for its use. If a fee is charged in connection with the Computer Studies Courseware at all, it should only cover the cost of copying or distribution. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should payment of such fees be understood to constitute legal ownership.
  3. The Computer Studies Courseware must be presented in its complete form. It is not allowed to distribute the Computer Studies Courseware separately.
  4. Neither the Computer Studies Courseware may be amended or altered in any way.
  5. By granting you the right to distribute the Computer Studies Courseware, you do not become the owner of the Computer Studies Courseware in any form.
  6. The author accepts no responsibility in case the program Computer Studies Courseware is incorrect or disfunctional in any form.
  7. The authors can never be held responsible for damage, directly or indirectly resulting from the use of the Computer Studies Courseware.
  8. Using the Computer Studies Courseware means that you agree to these conditions.

Any other use, distribution or representation of the Computer Studies Courseware is expressly forbidden without the written permission of the author.

The Catch, The Missing Bits?

Application Specific Instructions we have left out in most parts because the books available on the market can be very very good.

There are no missing bits. To gauge feedback on the usefulness of these pages please keep us informed on your use of these pages. We are very interested in your feedback and especially if it deals with potential issues of copyright infringements and accuracy.

Disclaimers ?

Where things are wrong, they are probably all our fault and unrelated to the materials from whence we originally sourced the information. Take a look at it and if it doesn’t work for you, our apologies. If it doesn’t work, please tell us or create your own pages.