Past Papers

Past papers are always a good revision point.

Here are a collection of Pacific Senior Secondary School (PSSC) and Tonga School Certificate (TSC) papers.

Use the examination papers to review your understanding of the subject and course material.

As much of our education system is examination oriented, these papers are presented not only for your assessment of knowledge but to practise reading through examination level material and language.

A typical use of the papers would be to assign either as a class exercise portions that can be completed within your alloted time, or to assign as take-home or group exercise for students to review their knowledge:

  Paper Further Information.
  PSSC 99

Examination Papers for PSSC

  Selection 1:Model Answers, Marking Schedule by DavidW
  TSC 98

Selection 2: Model Answers, Marking Schedule by Sam T.

We give you two different options for answer papers reflecting differences in responses by our teachers.

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