Spreadsheet Course Notes

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Terms and Definitions

Provides definitions and general terms encountered when using spreadsheets.

Exercises The introductory exercises for students to complete under supervision, as an introduction and revision of skills in manipulating data using a spreadsheet.
Practical  1,   2,   3  The Practicals are separate exercises that can be used for assessing student progress. In General they would be used together with the individual exercises
Practical  4,   5,   6  Teachers can assign the practicals as a ‘common test’ scenario or take home exercises.
Practical  7     8     9   

Automated Marking? The following tools were developed to assist teachers in isolating problem areas in their course. The programs can quickly assess some of the above practicals and generate reports that allow teachers to note which sub-topics their students are having problems with.

To use, download the programs and execute them (a simple usage is displayed by each program.) The programs were written using ActivePython which you may need to download to make use of these programs.

Marking  Code At the moment exercises 7, 8, and 9 have auto-marking programs.

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