Aggregating the BSD blogosphere

An another hurdle tumbles

Point your RSS Aggregator to AboutBSD and join the conversation, get some education on what’s happening in the BSD Community, more of them. Participate in the broader community. If you have no idea what I just said, then for BSD related information, book mark AboutBSD as a destination you need to visit on a regular basis.

Another one of those ‘artificial’ hurdles we of the SysAdmin priesthood place between ourselves and the unwashed masses is disappearing slowly, the locked foundary of information secured behind ’leet but arcane(sic) stores such as formal papers, printed books (what’s that?) and mailing lists (now that at least can be search engined?)

Don’t even go anywhere near source-code when trying to explore BSD technology with ’the great unwashed.’ Patch by updating your source tree? What source tree?

New System Administrators seem to be conditioned to expect a nice GUI ‘click-click-click’ to solve their problem, or a web forum where someone out there is dedicated to answering their questions, ASAP and at no cost.

Hey, it’s not our fault that some people out there are just lazy, and if they’re lazy with basic investigation, do we really think they should be entrusted with the data/information system of any organisation?

The Internet is a great repository of knowledge and disinformation, and other Operating Systems have used this (explicitly and by shear darn luck) to proseletise and augment, fix their OSs. BSD has been behind, from the perspective of desktop endusers.

Dru Lavigne has earned her credibility in the BSD community and maintains blogs i’ve been following closely for the past year. Dru has a new project in place to assist more people explore the world of BSD Operating Systems.

Lavigne’s new project: AboutBSD helps the uninitiated by bringing together aggregated knowledge disseminations from the various BSD related sites, for example: undeadly publishing on the OpenBSD space, others publishing on NetBSD. This is great news, especially for those of us who have tunnel visioned by primarily focussing on a single technological path/project. With AboutBSD the antennaes are out again for us hangers on.

Let knowledge bring us closer, let enlightment make a better community (sic)