Te-Akarikitea and Te-Akarikipagu

I had a friend from Mangareva who was an old man. I asked him one day if he knew the story of Te-Akarikitea and Te-Akarikipagu. This is a key story about Mangareva. He told me that he had heard of those two people, but he knew nothing else about them. I didn’t know the story at the time so there was nothing that I could tell my friend. Now that I know the story my friend has gone onto the next life where he can go and meet the old Mangarevans and learn the story first hand. »

Moa and Miru

Moa and Miru: The Beginning of Things People first came to live in Magareva about 1100 or 1200 A.D. The first people to come were two men who named Moa and Miru. When they came to Magareva they saw women on the shore. So they approached that place to see if they could find these women. When they came onto the shore they looked and looked but they did not find anyone there. »


Hina-Akapirau: Hina the Pus Once upon a time there was a woman on Magareva named Hina-Akapirau which means, Hina the Pus. She was named this because she had disease and she was covered with sores and pus. However, at night she was beautiful because of magic. One evening a young chief saw her by the side of road and because she was beautiful then he asked her to marry him. She agreed to this as long as he promised to only visit her at night and to leave her during the day. »

Two lost

Two Lost Brothers There was once a pregnant woman in Mangareva named Vai-Hunarei- Tinaku. Her husband was named Garagi. One day the wife told her husband that she was hungry for ‘umu fish and that he should go catch her one. She cautioned him that as soon as he caught one fish that he was to stop fishing and return. He went fishing, but after he caught the first one he kept on fishing. »


Ugaru-Teganagana There was once this guy who came to Mangareva from Te Po, the night world. His name was Tonga and all the young women wanted to marry him. Because all the young women wanted to marry this man from Te Po they decided to have a beauty contest and the winner was going to marry this man. There was this one girl named Ugaru-Teganagana who was the youngest girl in her family. »


The Death of Ahine In the 1500’s there was a long conflict or series of wars fought between the village of Rikitea and the village of Taku. At one point the warriors of Taku attacked a man named Ahine and his two sons who were fishing. This is how Ahine and his two sons were fishing. The youngest son, Pohue, was standing on the beach and holding one end of a long net while his father and older brother, Te Ma-Ahine, were pulling the net through the sea. »


Whose loincloth is this? During the conflicts between Taku and Rikitea there was a chief in Rikitea named Mahaga Tevihi-Nui (about 1500). During his time there was a famine in Rikitea. The war chief of Rikitea, Matua, traveled to the nearby atoll island of Temoe to catch squids. While Matua, the war chief of Rikitea, was gone the village of Taku learned of the hunger in Rikitea and that Matua was away. »

The Last Battle - Part I

The Last Battle: Part I: The Killing of A Princess One night the Taku warriors journeyed to Taravai and they kidnapped a princess. She was secretly married to Apeiti, the chief of Rikitea, and she was also pregnant with his child. After she was kidnapped she was carried to Taku on a canoe. The warriors of Taku pierced her throat with a spear. They stopped at an island and she asked for water because she was thirsty. »

The Last Battle - Part II

Part II: The Murder of Rei Apeiti, the chief of Rikitea, spent the night with a woman of Kirimiro village. She became pregnant and she gave birth to a boy named Rei. When Apeiti discovered that he had had a son by this woman he had the boy brought to live with him in Rikitea. The boy grew up and one day he went to visit his half-sister in Kirimiro village. »

The Last Battle - Part III

Part III: Mercy To An Enemy/Mercy To A Cousin When the Taku people heard that their friends, the Kirimiro people, had been attacked they prepared for war. In the early morning the Taku warriors advanced along the coast line towards Kirimiro where the Rikitea warriors were sleeping. One of the Rikitea warriors was awake and he heard the sound of the advancing enemy and he called out to his companions to wake them. »