Te Fenua Enata

‘Te Fenua Enata’, the Land of Men In Utah, July 24 is Pioneer Day. Since we have the day off, our family goes down to Liberty Park and we watch a parade. Then after the parade we listen to Tongan bands and walk around and talk with the Tongans who gather in the north end of Liberty Park. The memories of July 24 keep us warm in winter's cold. July 24 is an anniversary of another event that has been forgotten: the first arrival of Europeans in Polynesia. »

The Piina People of Hiva Oa

This is another story about relatives who fought. About 1800 there was a tribe called the Piina on the island of Hiva Oa in the Marquesas islands. They had lived in a valley called Hanamenu for thousands of years. But at this time, they were in trouble, because each year there were fewer and fewer of them. This was because they were being eaten by an enemy tribe. These Piina people finally came to the point where they decided that if they did nothing, there were could come a day when there would no longer be any of them left. »

Knowledge and Love

How One Brother Got Knowledge and the Other Got Love In the Marquesas Islands in ancient times there was a song called 'Te Vanana' which spoke about how everything was created at the beginning of the world. The people who knew this song are all dead and they took that knowledge with them. But there is one story from this song. Everything was created by a husband and a wife and they had two sons, Atea and Tane. »


The Way the Learning Was Taught In the ancient times, when people wanted to learn the ancient lore, the genealogies, the legends, they would prepare things to learn. They would raise pigs and grow food. These things were the payment to the tuhuna oono (the expert of the ancient knowledge). This is because the tuhuna oono would come and teach them. When these things were prepared these people would be put under a tapu (restrictions to make them sacred). »

Maui and Fire

Maui Takes Fire From Mahuike’s Head There was a man named Maui and he was the great grandson of Mahuike. In those days people were disgusted with eating their food because it was raw. But they heard that the food in Mahuike's country was good. They wondered, "Why is the food there so good? They eat the same things that we do." But one of the people there knew a lot of things and he told the people, " »

The Two Sharks

The Two Sharks In ancient times two large sharks came into Hakaehu bay on the northern coast of Nuku Hiva. These sharks had come from Tahuata island in the south. The tuhuna (shaman) in Hakaehu realized that they were not regular sharks but that they were gods. He commanded his servant to go and feed the sharks. When the servant was feeding the sharks, one of the sharks told the servant that it wanted to eat human flesh and that the servant was to feed his sister to the shark. »


Tukopana: The Two Statues In the 1800's there was a native priest on Fatu Iva named Tukopana. One day he took the people of his tribe with him up the valley into the jungle and he showed them a stone platform that he had built there in the jungle. On this stone platform he had placed two stone statues: a large dark one and a small white one. He told the people that the large statue was him and that the small statue was his daughter who was already dead. »


The Story of Stories: Part I: The Journey of Kae Chapter 1: A Marriage In Vainoi on Hiva Oa there was a time when there were just women in the valley, no men. Every day the women would go and bathe in the river. After they were done bathing they would go and do their work. One time a man named Kae came into this valley from Taaoa which is on the opposite side of the island of Hiva Oa. »


Poumaka: The Warrior Mountain This is the story of the pous (columns). On Ua Pou there are these rock formations that look like columns pointing into the sky. One of these columns is named Poumaka. Before Poumaka was born there were other pous on Ua Pou. But they were killed by a pou (column) who came from Hiva Oa. This pou was named Mata-Fenua. When he killed the pous of Ua Pou they fell down and now they lay around Ua Pou and they appear as ridges between the valleys that run into the sea. »

Tiu: The West Wind

Tiu: The West Wind There was a woman named Niniano who lived way up Tahauku valley in Hiva Oa island. She gave birth to four sons who were named: Moota, Evaeva, Mataa and Teutu. Then she gave birth to a girl that she named: Te-Ipo-Atu. Last of all she gave birth to an egg that she placed into the river. The egg was washed down the valley into Tahauku Bay. Out of the egg was born a man named Tiu. »