Marau-torea the chief (short version) Many, many years ago a warrior chief named Marau-torea set sail from Vavau-Nui to journey to Motu Tapu to visit a young woman, Ruatamahine, whom he wished to marry. The young woman’s mother saw him coming to her island because of her mana (magic, power). She did not want him to come because her son had been killed by a man from Vavau-Nui. »

E tahi mate otau

E tahi mate otau: One Death for us all Everyone has heard of Tonga, Hawaii, Samoa and Tahiti. But who has heard of Tahuata? Tahuata is a tired island in a different time. There is a rumor that in some of the valleys of Tahuata that the spirits mingle with the living and that you can only tell a spirit from a living person because a spirit’s feet don’t touch the ground. »