1998 Question Paper





1. Which feature applies to a Personal Computer?

A. It can operate only when connected to a network of computers.

B. It can operate only when connected to a mainframe computer.

C. It can operate fully by itself

D. It can operate only when connected to a printer.


2. Which of the following can be both an input and an output device on a computer?

A. A dot matrix printer

B. A floppy disk drive

C. A visual display unit

D. A microprocessor


3. UPS stands for

A. Unilateral Phase System.

B. Uninterruptible Power Supply.

C. Ultimate Power Source.

D. Undivided Program Selection.


4 One common application used on a computer is a

A. word processor.

B. printer.

C. floppy disk.

D. boot ROM.


5. Files on a floppy disk will NOT be permanently damaged by

A. placing the disk near a magnet.

B. letting the disk get hot by leaving it in direct sunlight.

C. touching the storage medium with fingers.

  1. storing the disk in a dry cupboard.


6. Which of the following sentences best describes the meaning of copyrighted?

A. The buyer has the right to make as many copies as they wish.

B. The buyer has the right to copy the software but must acknowledge the publisher as owning the copyright.

C. The buyer does not have the right to make copies of the software.

D. The publisher does not have the right to copy the software.


7. Many software publishers require codes to be entered into a computer before their software will work. These codes are to prevent piracy. Piracy includes

A. copying software so others can use it on their computer.

B. giving away the original disks.

C. selling the original disks.

D. making an authorised backup in case the original disks fail.


  1. You try to save a document to a newly formatted disk in drive A. You get an error message stating this is not possible. What part of the disk must you adjust to correct this error?

9. Which directory structure shows the document MOTHER.DOC saved in the LETTERS directory on the A: drive?






10. Boot instructions are often held in Read Only Memory (ROM). One advantage of ROM is that

A. it can be easily replaced.

B. it cannot be accidentally overwritten.

C. it can be easily altered using the operating system.

D. it cannot be damaged by power surges.

11. Many wordprocessors have a wysiwyg display. Wysiwyg stands for

A. what you see is what you get.

B. write your sentence in when you go.

C. what you send is what you get.

D. when you save it waits yet goes.







The above three amounts of money and their total are written into a document. They have been aligned using what wordprocessing feature?

A. Formatting the lines for "currency"

B. A left aligned tab has been inserted

C. All figures have been centred

D. A decimal tab has been inserted


13. A spreadsheet is a computer application that lets you

A. process text.

B. do repeated calculations.

C. select information using a criterion.

0. draw pictures.


14. It is important that data in a spreadsheet is accurate. The first data integrity practice that anyone should use is

A. check that the data have been entered correctly.

B. check all the sums in the spreadsheet by using a calculator.

C. check that all the calculations have been entered correctly.

D. check that all columns are aligned to the left.


15. You have a spreadsheet file open on your computer. You need to make a copy of the file onto the same disk. One way you could do this without quitting from the spreadsheet is to

A. print the spreadsheet.

B. use the SAVE command.

C. use the SAVE AS command.

0. close the file.

16. A certain spreadsheet is used to calculate logarithms. The answers are required to an accuracy of 6 decimal places. Which formatting feature will ensure all answers have 6 decimal places?

A. Percent

B. Alignment

C. Column width

D. Fixed


17. A database is a computer application that lets you

A. process text.

B. do repeated calculations.

C. select information using, a criterion.

D. draw pictures.


18. The best example of a database is

A. a telephone directory.

B. a picture.

C. a letter to a friend.

D. a calculation of interest payments.


19. Information in a database is valuable. It needs to be protected. One way of effectively protecting the data is to

A. store the data file in a long path with many subdirectories.

B. send all reports to the printer.

C. tell all those using the database NOT to delete records.

D. use passwords which only authorised users know.

20. Here is one entry in a teacher�s record book. It relates to one student in one of his classes. All other entries are similar.

Simone Brone 6T AVA 45 44 19 12

The teacher wishes to construct a database to use instead of his record book. How many fields should be in the database for this class?

A. 6

B. 7

C. 8

D. 9






  1. Here is a diagram showing six parts of a personal computer. Two parts have already been labelled. Write the name of the other four parts indicated by an arrow.
  2. The six rectangles below represent the six parts of the computer shown in the above diagram. Write either the name (or letter A, B, C, D) of one part in each rectangle. Draw arrows on the diagram to show the way data flows between the parts of the computer.

    © Suppose you turn on a computer. You hear the hard drive booting. After a minute the drive finishes booting but nothing appears on the screen in front of you.

    (i) List one fault that could cause this to happen.

    (1 mark)

    (ii) Describe how you would fix this fault.

    (1 mark)


    (d) After getting the computer to work properly you start to use it. Suddenly it stops working. You cannot get it to work again, even after rebooting. When you take it to get repaired you learn that the computer was damaged by a voltage spike.

    (i) Give one cause of spikes.

    (1 mark)

    (ii) You get the computer fixed. What can you do to stop damage from future spikes?

    (1 mark)

    (e) Inside any computer is an Operating System. Describe the purpose of the Operating System.

    (2 marks)

    Give the name of one Operating System available for personal computers.

    (1 mark)

    (g) One commonly used Operating System function lets users copy files. Write down two other operating system functions.



    (2 marks)

    (Ii) While using the Operating System to copy a file onto a floppy disk an error message appears. The disk is NOT write protected. This message indicates that the task cannot be performed. Give one possible reason why this error message occurred.

    (1 mark)

    (i) You need to create a floppy disk with which you can boot the computer. You have an unformatted floppy disk. Write down the process you go through to create such a boot disk.

    (2 marks)


    Here is an advertisement for a computer that appeared in the New Zealand herald recently.

    (a) (i) What does RAM stand for?

    (1 mark)

    (ii) Describe the purpose of RAM in a computer.

    (1 mark)

    (iii) Explain why data in RAM is lost if the power supply fails.

    (1 mark)

    What device in the computer does the line 1.2GB HDD refer to?

    (1 mark)

    Describe the purpose of having a HDD in a computer.

    (1 mark)

    (b) (I)


    (iii) Explain why data held by a HOD is not lost if the power supply fails.

    (1 mark)

    © The CPU processes data using binary operations.

    (i) What does binary mean?

    (1 mark)

    (ii) What is the name given to one binary digit?

    (1 mark)

    (iii) Explain how a binary digit and a byte are related.

    (1 mark)

  4. Some students at South Pacific High School are producing their own student newspaper. They are using their computers to assemble the articles. Here is one of the articles from their newspaper.

(ii) What type of application did they use to assemble the completed article?

(1 mark)

(iii) After the students have this article completed they try to print it. They get an error message from the printer and the article does not print. Give one possible cause of the error.

(1 mark)

(iv) After fixing the printer error the students find that the paper keeps jamming in the paper feed mechanism. The paper has been stored in an ordinary classroom over summer.

1. What climatic condition is causing the jamming problem?

(1 mark)

2. What can the students do to overcome this problem?

(1 mark)

(e) A business in Fiji has offered to print the newspaper at no cost. However the business insists that the finished document must be sent directly to their printer�s computer (i.e. it is NOT to be sent on paper.) Explain how South Pacific High School could do this, and name both the hardware item and software application needed.

(2 marks)


Here is a poem that has been written using a wordprocessor.



Computers are pecu1iar creatures,

They eat your time but don�t use dentures.

You have to feed them through a cable

And dump their waste if you are able.

Like a pet they prove expensive

And make most owners apprehensive.

(a) (i) The poem is written in a font called Tempus sans ITC. How can you tell the title is written in the same font?

(1 mark)

(ii) The poem is written in a Font Size of 12. Is the title a bigger or smaller Font Size?

(1 mark)

(iii) Tempos sans ITC is a proportional font. What does this mean?

(1 mark)

(b) (i) Describe the format of the title of the poem.

(1 mark)

(ii) Name the format of the word apprehensive in the poem.

(1 mark)

© The poem does not use wordwrapping. What has the author done to prevent wordwrapping from occurring?

(1 mark)

(d) The above poem is just one example of a document. Describe two advantages of using a wordprocessor to create such a document.

(2 marks)

(e) Some documents are very long and take many hours of work to create. An author creating a book does not want to lose all her hard work if a fault develops. Describe two things the author can do to keep her work safe.

(2 marks)

(f) Read this cartoon, then answer the question following.

(I) What is a computer virus?

(1 mark)

(ii) Describe one way in which computer viruses are spread.

(1 mark)

(iii) Describe one way you can protect a computer against viruses.

(1 mark)

(g) (i) What is a computer program?

(1 mark)

(ii) Name two programming languages.

(2 marks)


The Blue Seas Credit Union pays 5% interest per annum on 3 year term deposits. It pays the interest on January 1St of each year. Julie has $100.00 deposited. She earns $5.00 interest. The Blue Seas Credit Union uses a spreadsheet to calculate Julie�s account. When viewed on the screen it looks like this:

(a) Give the name of a spreadsheet application that Blue Seas could use.

(1 mark)

(b) Two different types of entry are used in cells A3 and B3. What data type is held in each of these cells? cellA3

cell B3

(2 marks)

© (i) The figure $5.00 appears in cell C3. However this is not what the Credit Union enters into this
cell. Write a formula that could be used in cell C3.

(1 mark)

(ii) Write a suitable entry for cell D3.

(1 mark)

(d) ln one year�s time Julie�s account will be updated again. This is done by copying and pasting cell C3 to E3 and cell D3 to F3. What will the cell entries E3 and F3 be? Your answers must be consistent with your answers for C3 and D3 in the previous question.

cell E3

cell F3

(2 marks)

Blue Seas Credit union is an expanding business. It decides to keep all of its Three Year Term Deposit accounts on one spreadsheet. Here is the new spreadsheet.

(e) Explain why this new layout will improve operations at Blue Seas as the number of Account Holders increases.

(f) (i) Using only cell references, what formula should be entered into cell C3? (Use the spreadsheet shown above. Do not include other data.)

(1 mark)

(ii) What function should be entered into cell B8?

(1 mark)

(g) Viliami�s interest is $ 12.3655. What number actually appears in cell CS?

(1 mark)

(h) What formatting feature has been applied to cells A2 to Al 1?

(1 mark)

(i) The Blue Seas Credit Union wants to make a pie chart. This is to show what proportion each customer has of the total deposits held. Describe the steps needed to create such a pie chart using the information in the spreadsheet on page 16.

(2 marks)

(j) Blue Seas wants to know what will happen to its business if interest rates increase to 6.5%. Describe what they must do to apply a suitable "what if� to their spreadsheet.

(1 mark)

(k) The spreadsheet on page 16 is printed. What page orientation is most suitable for printing wide spreadsheets?

(1 mark)


The following information is about students at South Pacific High School. The information is held in the school�s database. The information indicates the subjects taken by certain students. It also shows their date of birth, and the fees they have paid.

(a) (i) List the six items in the field containing the entry 2.5.81

(1 mark)

(ii) List the six items in the record containing the entry 2.5.81

(1 mark)

(iii) What type of field is the DOB field?

(1 mark)

(iv) Based on the data displayed above, what is the smallest possible size that the PUPIL field can be?

(1 mark)

(b) Class rolls for OPTION 1 are made by sorting the OPTION I field. An ascending sort is applied to OPTION 1. Write down what the PUPIL and OPTION I fields will look like after this sort.


(2 marks)

© The Principal wants to know who is doing History in OPTION3. She also wishes to know their Date of Birth. She wants to rank this class by age from the oldest student to the youngest one. Describe the steps she must take to apply a query which creates a report containing only the required data. (Note: A general description only is required. You are not expected to list the commands of any particular software package.)

(3 marks)

(d) The next day the Principal needs to know the names of all those studying Computers in OPTION2, as well as those students who have paid more than $42.00 in fees. She applies a suitable logical OR query to the database. List only the names of those students selected by the query.


(2 marks)

(e) (i) The Principal then wishes to list only the girls in the school but there is no such information
in the database. Describe how the database should be changed to include this information.

(1 mark)

(ii) Lisiate is a boy. Write down what his record looks like after the changes are made.

(1 mark)

(f) Using a computerised database has advantages over other non-computerised filing systems. Describe three of these advantages.

(3 marks)