Systems Course Notes

Takes a look at the different Computer Systems and “Systems” level information.

Category Further Information.
Basic Overview Provides a definition of a ‘computer’ and describes different “hardware” and “software” pieces that go together to complete a “computer system”
Categories of Computers Groups and discusses different computer systems using FOUR major categories: The Super, Mainframe, Mini and Micro Computer.
CPU Discusses the workings of a microcomputer central processing unit through an introduction to the use of BINARY numbers, ASCII, and LOGIC tables.
Fonts Summarises basic information about how fonts are grouped and technical terms for describing different aspects of a font.
The OS and PCs Explores the definition of an OS in Basic Overview by using the microcomputer as a reference, discussion point.
Disk Storage Discusses Secondary Storage, or Disk Storage, how information is stored on magnetic disks and general maintenance issues for floppy diskettes.
File Management   Ex 1   Ex 2   Ex 3 A summary of using Windows Explorer for File Management in Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT and exercises to assist evaluation of skills achievement.
Error Messages A few of Microsoft Windows’ common error messages are discussed in this section.
Viruses Computer Viruses have becoming a damaging nuisance and these notes helps define and discuss different forms of computer viruses. Discussion also involves preventative measures and cures.
MSDOS p1   p2 These are older renditions of the The OS and PCs notes, designed around MS-DOS which were rehashed for the current OS and PC document.

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