Word Processing

Word-Processing Course Notes

Category Further Information.
Terms and Definitions

Provides definitions and general terms encountered when using word-processors.

Assessment 1
Marking 1
Assessment 2
Marking 2
Assessment 3
Marking 3
Assessment 4
Sample word-processing assessment exercises that include questions on the concepts used in word-processing as well exercises requiring completion on a word-processor. A marking schedule is provided for some of the exercises.
Practical 1   Practical 2   Practical 3,   Practical 4, Practical 5 Further exercises for students to review their skills in using word-processors. These exercises require using some of the basic skills commonly used.
Exercise Files  

These are the support files used in the above exercises. The files are compressed into a ZIP file, for use in the above exercises de-compress the files using WinZIP, pkunzip or a similar product.

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