Education as a pillar for progress, let alone survival, is more explicit in Tonga than in more developed countries. Schools are an integral part of all of Tongan society, as if the whole country is a ‘college-town.’

At various times these schools will have Internet Presence, your mileage might vary.

Schools offering University accredited courses

Business and Trade Schools

  • ‘Aho Pani Lolo
  • Community Development and Training Centre
  • Fualo
  • Hango Agricultural College
  • Montfort Technical Institute
  • St. Joseph’s Business College
  • Tonga Maritime Polytechnic Institute
  • Government Secondary Schools

  • ‘Eua High School
  • Niuafo’ou High School
  • Niuatoputapu High School
  • Tonga College
  • Tonga High School
  • Tonga Side School
  • Vava’u High School
  • Non Government Secondary Schools


  • 'Apifo'ou College
  • 'Atenisi High School
  • Lavengamalie College
  • Liahona High School
  • Mo'unga'olive College
  • Queen Salote College
  • Saint Andrews College
  • Tailulu College
  • Takuilau College
  • Tupou College
  • Tupou High School
  • Ha'apai

  • Taufa’ahau I Pilolevu College
  • St. Josephs
  • Tailulu College
  • Vava'u

  • Mailefihi, Siu’ilikutapu College
  • Saineha
  • St Channel College
  • 'Eua

  • Hofangahau College
  • Tailulu College
  • The picture above which does not include the many junior high schools operated by the above organisations clearly shows that non-government bodies play a significant role in the secondary school education of young Tongans. The government for many years have been postering a creation of another government high school in the island group of Ha’apai. This will complete the government’s current aims of managing a government operated high school in each population centre.

    Primary Schools

    The majority of primary schools are operated and funded by the government.

    Education Bodies

  • Anglican Diocese
  • Catholic Diocese
  • Constitutional Free Church of Tonga
  • Free Church of Tonga
  • Free Wesleyan Church
  • Latter Day Saints
  • Ministry of Education
  • Seventh Day Adventist
  • Tokaikolo Fellowship