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"Studying Hard or Hardly Studying"

RSS working hard, or hardly working?

The Royal School of Science for Distance Learning (RSS) was established in 1998 by the Government of Tonga to facilitate learning University level training for Tonga residents by providing communication services (through use of the Internet) to facilitate Distance Learning. The school does not offer courses of its own, but provides the facilities and administration/support services to students taking correspondence courses from international education providers.

The Barrier of Distance

Through use of RSS resources, students can readily take Distance Learning courses from Universities in the UK, USA, Australia or New Zealand without the added expense of travel, boarding normally associated with higher learning for small nations. Independent of the social dislocation often occurring with moving vast distances to take a course, staying at ‘home’ is significantly cheaper giving prospective students with limited income greater opportunities to further their training.

The Barrier of Time

A consistent problem for distance learning students is the delays in communication between their needs and guided attention from their tutor or lecturer. RSS through its use of the Internet allows students in Tonga to quickly gather information from course materials directly. Discussions with course participants are more probable through the Internet for Tonga bound students via Internet Phone services or IRC.

The View

One clear advantage of remaining in Tonga to complete your degree, is definitely the grand view from the school’s premises. All around is layed out a lush paradise of coconut trees, plantations, the calming sea without the need to travel.

"A view of the class-room"

Looking through different Windows.
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