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The University of the South Pacific

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The University of the South Pacific (USP) is a regional university owned by twelve countries: Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, Niue, Marshall Islands, Solomon Islands, Tokelau, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, and Western Samoa. These island nations, consisting of 64,000 square kilometres of land, are spread over 32 million square kilometres of ocean. There are over 200 different languages spoken in the USP region.

The USP is truly a university in the region and not just of the region. The main campus, located at Laucala Bay in Suva, consists of three schools (the School of Humanities, the School of Pure and Applied Sciences and the School of Social and Economic Development), five institutes (Applied Sciences, Education, Justice and Applied Legal Studies, Pacific Studies, Social and Administrative Studies), the Centre for the Enhancement of Learning, the Oceania Centre of Pacific Arts and Cultures and University Extension.

In addition, outside Fiji, there are two other campuses (Alafua in Western Samoa houses the School of Agriculture and Institute of Research, Extension and Training in Agriculture; and Emalus in Vanuatu houses the School of Law and Pacific Languages Unit); the Institute of Marine Resources in Solomon Islands; and twelve Extension Centres located in each of the USP member countries.

Students may study full-time or part-time at any of the USP's three campuses or at a distance (off campus) through University Extension and its network of Extension Centres. The final certification whether done full-time, part-time or by extension remains the same.

In Tonga, the 'Atele campus of the USP Extension Centre manages a program of studies that includes tutorial assistance on the main island Tongatapu, and on Ha'apai and Vava'u.

The improving quality of services offered by the USP Centre Tonga is critical for the needs of many nationals desiring continued learning opportunities not readily available in Tonga. USP Centre Tonga works in conjunction with two high schools (Tupou High School, Lavengamalie High School) to extend training/learning facilities for students requiring more tutorial/lecture times not normally available at the centre.

USP extension courses normally run for 15 weeks plus one week for study in preparation for final examinations. Semester 1 begins in late January with final examinations in May. Semester 2 begins in mid-July with final examinations in November. A few courses are also available over a 30 week period. The 30 week semester begins in March with final examinations in November.

For 15 week semester courses, 10 hours/week of study are expected. For 30 week courses, students should study at least 5 hours/week. Note that the amount of work covered in a 30 week semester is the same as that covered in a 15-week semester course.

USP Centre Tonga

PO Box 278
Nuku’alofa, Tongatapu
Phone: +(676) 29240, 29055
Facsimile: +(676) 29249

Centre Director Salote Fukofuka
BA (UNE), DipEd(Mass), Cert. Law, MA (UC)
Centre Lecturers Vika Mafi Lutui, BA
Maletino Hola, BSc, PGDip Maths
Executive Officer
Clerical Officers ‘Elone Vakasiuola
Ane Makaafi
Clerical Assistants
Clerk/Typist ‘Ungatea Mapakaitolo
Librarian Judy Ma’ilei
Library Assistant ‘Eseta Tau’atevalu
Receptionist/Clerk A Selumafi Mo’ungaafi

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