Music moves the heart and brings comfort, serenity and can also call or drive a person to extremes.

Through the wisdom of others, including Helen Taliai and Rev. Penisimani Fonua and the Kōmiti Mūsiká, we’re able to bring together some of those hymns and some of their inspirations (aka Tune and reference hymn.)

The study of Hymns in Tonga is a topic of its own and we invite you whom may interested to consider some of the published works. One of the common aspects of hymns is the “Metrical Index”, where the ‘metre’ for the hymn is denoted, such that the congregation can choose a tune with the same ‘metre signature’ and apply the tune to the hymn.

In the SUTT Hymn Book, the time is denoted such as:

See the below video, or WordWiseHymns - Metrical Index

Through this, various hymns are known and sung using different tunes. For the non Language speakers we can sing the same song over and over, whilst sounding like they’re completely different?

Of course, just because the ‘metre’ of a tune “meets” the requirements of a hymn, does not necessarily mean it is appropriate for the text of the hymn. An upbeat, resounding tune is not likely appropriate for a hymn of contemplation or reflection.