Where is Tonga ?

Its fun the first time you have to point out where on the World Atlas our little Kingdom resides, after all there’s a whole new world to be discovered for many not knowing who we are let alone where we are.

But a spec on any globe, grossly enlarged in the map below is a locator of where the Kingdom resides (physically) in relation to our many island neighbours. Our big island brothers, Australia to the west, and New Zealand to the south west are at least visible without a magnifying glass.

The Kingdom of Tonga is located between latitudes 15S and 23S and longitudes 173W and 177W. This places Tonga just to the west of the International Dateline, south of Samoa and south east of Fiji.

Tonga consists of four island groups: Tongatapu/‘Eua, Ha’apai, Vava’u and the Niua’s. There are 170 islands in the Tonga Group of which 36 are inhabited. Dry land area of Tonga is 699 sq km and the sea area covered by the group is 362,500 sq km.

Ryan Wilkes’ Path Less Travelled provides some incredible imagery of the islands and people.